A Small Planet of God Called Earth

God made Earth with an abundant supply of resources. All men were blessed to be on Earth. God made this planet called Earth with bounty for all. So whats going on? Why are some people living with so much while others are living with so little? This was not and is not Gods intentions at all.

God created a perfect world. It has been mans intention to improve upon this perfect world. He began to make up laws to better suit his needs. He made up beliefs and religions to satisfy his spiritual and sexual desires. He actually created an entire system to improve his existence on this planet you call Earth. Man has taken much and put back little. He hoarded the earths bounty. Then he felt as though he had a right to distribute and control the resources that god gave all men. Recently man has come up with the term that they call recycling. This term has man justifying his abuse of this planet. Let me tell you that recycling is nothing more than an excuse for mans misuse of his environment.

All nature is content with Gods resources. No animals have to work so another animal will give him what he needs. God has supplied a perfect system of balance for all animals including man. It is only man with his free will who chose to create a better system. He felt that if he was in control he would decide what was best for him. If you could go high enough in the sky to view the Earth and all the people on this planet you would see mans folly. War hatred and greed are bountiful. One man telling another man how to live while he does not know how to live himself. Yes it is the blind leading the blind.

So where can a man get true knowledge from? I will tell you that true knowledge comes only from within a man. He must seek this true knowledge from his own internal source. A man is the only one that can feel his own feelings. Any outside source is kinda like getting a paint job in the fact that it covers or hides his own true feelings. If you can believe in God then you surely must know that he is the only true source of real knowledge. When you can find God and yourself You will know that you have found the truth and you will know it is the truth. Gods light shines greatest when it shines from within a man. Live at peace with yourself. And do not worry for God knows the way. in closing allow me to site a quote. ” When you meet God do not give him instructions. Just report for duty. ”

Understand that you belong here. No one man owns any more of Gods Earth than you do. This is a fact. It does not matter what papers a man may hold in his hand to prove what he owns. He has no right to claim what God has given to all men. Trust me when I tell you that God was here first. And no man has the right to claim or own what is Gods. You may use and share God resources. Although no man has any right to own and abuse any part of this earth… – atman


Hey Guys ( When I say Guys I mean Girls also. It is just like when I say cars I mean Cadillacs also ). This is Atman. I would like to thank all of you for your positive feedback. In that light I would like to expand our communications. I made a short video of myself.  I would like to do additional videos reading, expanding on, and explaining my articles. Thanks Again… Sincerely – Atman –

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29 thoughts on “A Small Planet of God Called Earth

  1. Youre so right. Im there with you. Your weblog is surely worth a read if anyone comes across it. Im lucky I did because now Ive received a whole new view of this. I didnt realise that this issue was so important and so universal. You unquestionably put it in perspective for me.

  2. Youre so right. Im there with you. Your weblog is definitely worth a read if anybody comes across it. Im lucky I did because now Ive acquired a whole new view of this. I didnt realise that this issue was so important and so universal. You certainly put it in perspective for me.

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