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Lets Talk About Jesus and His Life and Death Upon This Earth

Who was Jesus? What was his purpose here on earth? One thing is for sure. Jesus short ministry on earth affected more people than any other person in history. And this happened in two short years. What could have happened if Jesus ministry would have lasted for five years or maybe even ten years? Jesus was a teacher and a prophet ( among other things ).

But what did he teach? Jesus taught about life and how to live it. Jesus also taught about man finding God and heaven. This was Gods mercy. A way ( Jesus ) for man to find Gods light. Jesus said that man did not understand God. He said a man must have a better understanding of God. He said we have to change our way of thinking and living. He said that a man must be reborn in order to see God. What does that mean? I think he made it quite clear when he said you will know that you have passed from death unto life for you will love your brother.

Has this happened? No I do not think so. Does man know who is brother is? No I do not think so. When Jesus looks upon this earth and sees war and hatred brother still killing brother he becomes quite saddened. Jesus life was cut short. Man had killed their salvation.The crowd chose a murderer to be saved rather than Jesus. Who do you blame for Jesus tragic death?

Man says that he is saved because Jesus died for them. The truth is that man killed him. Man must put forth the effort to do the right thing and not say that he is saved because Jesus died for us. Mankind must study what little we do know of Jesus and try to understand his words. Man must not add anything nor omit anything from his teachings. He spoke of ALL men as being equal in Gods eye. Jesus said what you do to the lowest of you brothers you do it also unto me.

Much blood has been shed in his name. Blood still flows today. Brother still killing brother. Do you think that all this makes him proud? Do you think that Jesus feels that his efforts to bring mankind together were successful? No I do not think so. We say we want to follow Jesus and be like him. Jesus forgave the very men that were pounding nails into his flesh and bone. He said that we ( mankind ) do not know what we are doing. He asked God to forgive them. And that was the end of his physical ministry.

Jesus was gone. Did he reach his full potential? Do you think that he was successful? He tried to bring peace and love to all mankind. If you think that he was successful in bringing peace and love to all mankind you must be living on another planet than me. I see brother killing brother with out a real cause. Revenge hatred and pride is the root of all this killing. Much of it is done in the name of religion. One religion fighting and killing against another religion because their views are different from each other. Much of it is done in the name of Jesus and God.

I honestly feel we missed Jesus point. Who is willing to turn the other cheek when they literally get slapped in the face? Well maybe a few but I do not know them. Jesus said that the human body was not as important as being faithful to God. Jesus said If your right arm is an occasion for sin cut it off. Jesus meant this literally. He was saying that you would be better off with only one arm rather than to offend God.

What actually happened is not as important as Jesus message to mankind. It was a message of peace and love. all men uniting as one under one God. I am telling you that God will become known to man when man can see the light of God in himself and in his brother. We are all children of God. – atman

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Gods Existence

Does God exist? How can you be sure? Is true faith enough? What is true faith? Can you touch God with your hand? Can you see him with your eyes? Can you feel him with your heart? Where is God? Who is God? What is God? These are important questions for God realization and communion with God.

You must remember you are very small in comparison to the size and grandeur of our universe. The universe is actually beyond most men’s imagination. The universe with our modern technologies have the greatest scientific and astronomical minds of today in awe.

So what does the universe have to do with God? Well I figure that God has to be as great and as powerful as the universe. I have heard tales of flying objects and beings in control of our destiny. Could they be God? No way! For surely The universe can easily consume those guys along with their advanced technologies. So is it really possible to compare anything except God against the universe? Evil and the devil himself is no match against the power of the universe.

The universe is very real but is it alive? Can it know You? Can it help you? Well one thing is for sure. The universe certainly can hurt you. I know this because one large black hole is capable of consuming an entire galaxy. So I am sure it is capable of consuming our small solar system with earth and all its inhabitants permanently. But is it alive? Can it think? Well I know that man can think. So could that mean that man is greater than The universe? I do not think so. Although I do know that man plays an important part of God.

Man is scattered upon the earth like drops of water. A drop in and of itself is not much. But if you put enough of them together you create a mighty ocean. Man has a great power in and of himself. But if man could come together as one the power would be so great that God would materialize. And it will be man ( united ) who is the mind of God.

Ok. I know this is all way out there. Way beyond our normal life of survival. Or is it? For everything we do is directly related to God. This is his universe. And certainly the earth and Mankind is a part of The Universe. Anything and everything comes from God The universe and the all. So if you are still following me you will begin to realize just how tangible God is. He is all around you. But one of the most important things is the fact that God is inside of you also.

The existence of the universe.

Meet Atman

Gods Existence and Presence in The Universe and in Your World

Ok. Here we are talking about God again. Our discussion has been on the existence of God and Gods reality in your life. It has been my objective to help man achieve a better understanding of God. It has also been my objective to bring God into reality. The truth. Does it exist and can we find it? Good question.

One thing that I did mention was that evil is a part of God. Everything is a part of God. Lets us just put that aside for the moment. But you need to allow the thought to sink in. It was the beginning to my understanding of God. Evil is not separate from Gods world. Nor is it opposite. What man calls evil is a part of Gods world.

I did also mention that God is The Universe. God is all that exists. And that which no greater can exist.Trust me when i say The Universe is great The entire Universe is from one single very complex DNA source. All is related to the one source. Man belongs here and is part of The Universe. But what part does man play? What is his purpose here on Earth? Does he have one? Are there really any instructions on life? And how can you be sure that it is the truth?

To many people think they know the truth. If you think you know the truth is it a universal truth? There can be only one truth. So I have to ask you why are there so many different ways to follow. Which one is correct and which are not? Or possibly everyone could be wrong. I do know that everyone can not be right. There is no variance in the truth. There can only be one truth. There should be one universal plan for all of Gods children. Could it be possible that man is being misguided? Yes there are many questions that you need to ask. But who should you ask? I think you know the answer.

God is spread out upon The Earth. He is inside of you and he is outside of you. God is all knowing. God is the truth. commune with God with everything you think touch feel do or say is God himself. God is the air you breath. God is everything you touch or feel. Feel Gods presence in you life. Seek his guidance. Allow God to show you. Find the truth and know that it is the truth. When you become one with The Universe you become a part of God.

God is very real. You can touch him. You can feel him. You can feel his great power. God is the whole world around you and inside you. You can walk with God on your way to work. You can walk with God with everything you do. You can ask God himself to show you his light. At first you may become confused but then you will see clearly The All.


Believe Nothing…

Believe Nothing… No Matter Where You Read It…

Or Who Said it… No Matter Even If I Have
Said It… Unless it Agrees With Your Own

Reason And Your Own Common Sense… “

– Buddha –
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I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often! Before this, it would be possible for the government to arrest you just based on whatever you were saying, if they didn’t like it.

Oh yeah look at what happened to both Socrates and Jesus and many other advanced minds… They were stuffed out… Because they spoke of truth… The establishment has its own truth… And they do not want to hear that they may be wrong… For it would be the end of the establishment… Hmmm…  –  atman

God Inside of Me

All prophets including Jesus of Nazareth spoke of finding yourself and God from within yourself. Allow me to quote the Catholic bible. Thank you. ” Do not you know that you yourselves are Gods temple and his spirit lives inside of you. ” One Corinthians three: sixteen. So whats being said here is pretty apparent to me. They are saying to me that God is inside of me. I feel that God is inside me. I think that God is inside of you also.

Wow. Is that possible? It would mean that there is a great… Very great power inside of Us. At this point I have to ask myself a question. Has man ever exhibited extraordinary power. The answer I get is a big yes. Very many men have risen to great power. Some way above the rest. They have contributed greatly to the benefit of the human race. But what are the limitations of this power that a man possesses? Now that is a good question. I do not think there is an answer because a man is limited to only his imagination.

At this point you may be starting to think that I am a little crazy. Ok maybe a lot. But let me tell you that God is here somewhere. He must be hiding because I do not see him. How can I believe something that I can not see? But wait. Maybe God is too close for me to see. This reminds me of a time when I could not find my hat. I mean I looked everywhere. Finally I happened to look in a mirror and saw my hat. It was on my head. I had to laugh.

I have been looking for God everywhere. Could it be that God is inside of me? Any thing is possible. Now the big question. Do I know myself? And how well? Jesus said I had to change. Gods world was not the same as my world. Well I do not think that I have changed any in the sense that Jesus spoke of. Well I guess I will have to find what he meant. Jesus said that a man has all the tools he will need to find God. The Sacred Heart that Jesus spoke of was inside of a man. I also have a soul that belongs to God. I could try to get in touch with my soul who knows God well. The Holy Spirit is mans direct connection to God.

I think I could make a pretty good argument That God is inside of his own creation The Human Being. My quest has been to find God and the truth. Know yourself above all else has been stated by many very wise men. So I guess I must begin my journey from the outside and travel within myself. I will ask God to guide me on my journey. I think that the truth will be beyond my present imagination. Although I think that a successful journey will allow me to experience God.

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Gods Reality

Ok. Let us cut straight to the chase. Does God exist in reality? And does any reality exist with God? I know that first we would have to identify God and we would have to identify as well as question reality itself. Although. I am going to skip all that stuff for now. I am sure you all have your own thoughts on God. If not then I am pretty sure you have at least heard of the concept of God. And I am also quite sure you know about reality. It is where you are right now.

Is there a part of God inside of Man? Now that is definitely a good question. I believe there is a part of God in all Men. So if you can accept that premise it would mean that God is indeed a part of this physical plane of both time and space. Lets just say reality so that we can all relate to where we all are now. And God is definitely here. Whatever you conceive God to be.

I am thinking about what would happen if we combined the two. You know God and reality. Well that would be kinda crazy. Because we are already here in reality. And that would mean that God would have to come to reality. Is that even possible? God existing in a very tangible way. Man would be able to experience God in a very real way. Or maybe God is already here. Could it be possible that God has been here all along? Maybe we just do not realize what God is? Could God be the air that we breath? Or could God be the friends we meet?

Some people say that Jesus is God. Well Jesus was a man. I believe that God was with Jesus. Could it be possible that God is with all men? Ok. So now you may know what I am getting at. Is it possible that all mankind is God? Now that is not possible? Or is it? Lets go back to these words. All things are possible with the power of God. Could that be even remotely possible?

What is a man capable of? Does anyone know the limits of Mankind? Through psychology man is studying the human brain. Which still has him baffled in many areas. Man has not yet even began to discover what is in a mans mind. Imagine if it is God. Could Man be Gods physical presence on Earth?

I believe a man is limited only to his imagination.Trust and believe in yourself and God. God is here. do not think that God is hard to see. Do not let the trees block your view of the forest. Just relax and you will see what is right in front of you. Do not allow anyone to tell you what you see. You must see for yourself.

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What Will Happen When I Die

“Will God really take care of me when I die Dad?” This was a question that I asked my dad. Without hesitation he replied yes. “Of course God will take care of you son. You will go to heaven.” Then he became a little more hesitant when I asked him my next pair of questions. “What is Heaven and dad, who is God?” “Well,” he said. “God is beyond our understanding son.” And then he said Heaven is a place where you will find peace and happiness. Ok, I said that I was satisfied.

Well I was not satisfied. I was taught plenty on how to live in the real world. How to survive. How to make money. How to take care of my family and myself. And in religion I was taught not to question my faith. Just believe and go to church and pray for myself and my loved ones. Everything was fine until I realized that there were many different religions with many different beliefs. Everything became very loose then. At that point I had no sound base to build my religious beliefs upon.

I knew that all men were created equal in God’s eye. I knew there was only one God. I also realized that most religions did not Have God woven into reality. It was as if there were two separate worlds. One can be called reality. And one can be called religion or God. In religion you went into a mysterious world where reality did not exist. And in the real world there was no room for fantasy.

This all meant that I would live out my physical life and then I would begin my spiritual life. my only contact with my spirit and God would have to come from faith. It was like water and oil. God and reality. The two components would not mix. I wanted to go to heaven and meet God. At the same time I did not want my physical life to end.

I began to look for God in the physical plane. Did he exist there? Could I find him? Does God exist as a physical entity in the real world? I was told that God exists everywhere. So that meant I should be able to commune with God in my lifetime. But what does that mean? What is the reason for life? Would it be possible to go to Heaven while I am still alive? Would it be possible to live forever without physically dying?

I had a lot of questions that I wanted answered. Is this even possible? Does God even exist in reality? Who is he? What is he? Can I see him? Can I touch him? Can I experience God? Is it possible to know the truth? these are just a few of the many questions that would come to face me.

I am constantly finding answers only to have new questions appear. Can anyone tell me the meaning of life and the truth of God? I will find the answers to these questions. I believe all men should find God before they die. Death could happen at any time. Trust me when I tell you to seek God more than anything else in this life. Because to die without God living in your very own real world will be truly death to you.

With the power of God all things are possible… – atman

A Small Planet of God Called Earth

God made Earth with an abundant supply of resources. All men were blessed to be on Earth. God made this planet called Earth with bounty for all. So whats going on? Why are some people living with so much while others are living with so little? This was not and is not Gods intentions at all.

God created a perfect world. It has been mans intention to improve upon this perfect world. He began to make up laws to better suit his needs. He made up beliefs and religions to satisfy his spiritual and sexual desires. He actually created an entire system to improve his existence on this planet you call Earth. Man has taken much and put back little. He hoarded the earths bounty. Then he felt as though he had a right to distribute and control the resources that god gave all men. Recently man has come up with the term that they call recycling. This term has man justifying his abuse of this planet. Let me tell you that recycling is nothing more than an excuse for mans misuse of his environment.

All nature is content with Gods resources. No animals have to work so another animal will give him what he needs. God has supplied a perfect system of balance for all animals including man. It is only man with his free will who chose to create a better system. He felt that if he was in control he would decide what was best for him. If you could go high enough in the sky to view the Earth and all the people on this planet you would see mans folly. War hatred and greed are bountiful. One man telling another man how to live while he does not know how to live himself. Yes it is the blind leading the blind.

So where can a man get true knowledge from? I will tell you that true knowledge comes only from within a man. He must seek this true knowledge from his own internal source. A man is the only one that can feel his own feelings. Any outside source is kinda like getting a paint job in the fact that it covers or hides his own true feelings. If you can believe in God then you surely must know that he is the only true source of real knowledge. When you can find God and yourself You will know that you have found the truth and you will know it is the truth. Gods light shines greatest when it shines from within a man. Live at peace with yourself. And do not worry for God knows the way. in closing allow me to site a quote. ” When you meet God do not give him instructions. Just report for duty. ”

Understand that you belong here. No one man owns any more of Gods Earth than you do. This is a fact. It does not matter what papers a man may hold in his hand to prove what he owns. He has no right to claim what God has given to all men. Trust me when I tell you that God was here first. And no man has the right to claim or own what is Gods. You may use and share God resources. Although no man has any right to own and abuse any part of this earth… – atman

Hey Guys ( When I say Guys I mean Girls also. It is just like when I say cars I mean Cadillacs also ). This is Atman. I would like to thank all of you for your positive feedback. In that light I would like to expand our communications. I made a short video of myself.  I would like to do additional videos reading, expanding on, and explaining my articles. Thanks Again… Sincerely – Atman –

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Live For Now…

” There Was a Rich Man Who Had Much Money…

He Said… I Shall Put My Money to Use so

That I May Sow… Reap… Plant… and Fill

My Storehouse With Produce… With the Result

That My Family and I Shall Lack Nothing… Such

Were His Intentions… But That Same Night

He Died… Let Him Who Has Ears Hear… ”

– Jesus –

Gospel of Thomas ( 2 A.D. )

Hey Guys ( When I say Guys I mean Girls also. It is just like when I say cars I mean Cadillacs also ). This is Atman. I would like to thank all of you for your positive feedback. In that light I would like to expand our communications. I made a short video of myself. I would like to do additional videos reading, expanding on, and explaining my articles. Thanks Again… Sincerely – Atman –

This is through pay pal… They also except other cards… Pay one dollar then click back to my site to view video…