” Live a Good Life…
If There Are Gods And They Are Just…
Then They Will Not Care How Devout You Have Been
But Will Welcome You Based On
The Virtues You Have Lived By…
If There Are Gods And They Are Unjust…
Then You Should Not Want To Worship Them…
If There Are No Gods… Then You Will be Gone…
But Will Have Lived a Noble Life That Will Live On
In The Memories of Your Loved Ones…. 
Do Not Be Afraid… “

The Hidden Secret of The Universe And The Truth of God

Can God exist in our real life? Is our real life a part of God’s world? Who  is God? Who are we for that matter? What is life? Sorry. Lets forget all that (  for now ) and talk about reality. You know your real life. Your job and your  family and definitely you. How do you react with other people? How does your  profits and your losses affect your outlook on life? Do You feel good? Are You  Happy? What are Your goals in life? How do you find pleasure? How do you avoid  pain? OK. So that is little bits and pieces of what reality is. Perhaps to  some.

OK. Now we can talk about God. Does God exist in reality or is he just  someone or something that exists in a non physical plane or realm? If you can  say yes he exists in a non physical plane where you can not see him or touch him  then you are saying that God exists in your mind or heart. I kinda like mind  better. So where is God in your daily life? Do you think That you may need a  special time or place to visit with God? Well they say that God is with you all  the time. I believe that. So if God is with you all the time you should not need  a special time or place to be able to experience God whenever you have a mind  to.

OK. So this is what I am getting at. Can God be with you all the time and can  you commune with God at any time? The answer is yes. Jesus said that God is all  around you and he is also inside of man and yet man does not see God. I can  understand God being inside of you. He Can Exist in your mind. But that does not  bring him into a physical existence. Even though you can say that your mind is a  part of the human body which is physical it still kinda leaves some doubt.

OK. Now we will get to the part where Jesus says that God is all around you.  Does that mean that the air is God or that the earth is God? No. Although the  air and the earth is a part of God because God is all that is. Every thing in  existence is a part of the Universe. Also every thing in existence is a part of  God. It is beginning to look like God Has a lot in common with the Universe. But  can the Universe be all knowing?

According to the big bang theory the entire Universe came from a single  entity. Actually a tiny one that exploded to create the Universe ( the Universe  is still expanding rapidly in all directions ). This would make us all related  to God. Actually every thing in the Universe is from the same origin. This opens  the possibility that the Universe could be all knowing. Is the Universe all  powerful? I really do not think that question needs to be answered.

Now back to reality. Where is God in your everyday life? Now you should know  that he is everywhere. Everywhere you go he is with you. How do you commune with  God? We will not get into that right now. I believe that I may have drug you out  to deep waters. I do not wish to drown anyone. Just relax and enjoy life knowing  that you are a special part of The Universe.  –  atman


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Comment & Reply

Comment –  I dont believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.

Reply –  I believe this could be considered the question & the answer. Because the meaning of life is the experience of life. 

 –  atman

The Secret of God's Existence In Your Real Life

Does God exist? That’s the first question you must ask yourself. Could God be a fairy tale? OK. So what do you believe God to be? Well fairy tales do exist. So if you believe God to be a fairy tale then he does exist. And God is one of the biggest and most famous fairy tales ever. I know this does not make him real. Although it does bring him into existence in our own minds. We all have our own beliefs about God. Although we do know of him and we do speak about him.

This means that he does exist. Even if it is as a great story or as a famous novel exists. But who or what is God? And how can I commune with God? First of all allow me to explain what god is. God is all that is. God is the greatest thing in existence. Well I come up with thing. The Universe. Whatever exists in the Universe can not be bigger than the Universe that contains it. Is that limiting Gods greatness? I do not think so. The Universe is greater than anything that I know of. Actually The Universe is beyond my imagination. Probably beyond most mens imaginations. There are things that have never occurred to the human mind out there.

I know that its size is greater than anything else in existence. So if I put God as the Universe he becomes very real to everyone who believes in their own existence as real. But how can God be the Universe? Well that is what I said. Although the more I think about it the more sence it makes. Also God becomes bigger and bigger to me as I learn about the grandeur of the Universe. Larger and more powerful than I originally thought God to be.

This explains a lot of things about the conflict between science and religion. Instead of one being right and one being wrong there could possibly be a merger. Or maybe a different way of looking at this matter. Are there any secrets or mysteries that The Universe holds? You can be sure there are. That makes The Universe beyond our imagination. At this point man is still beyond his own imagination. Many mysteries are still present in man and our Universe.

So where is the connection between God and Man? Well I do know that man is a part of the Universe. So that would make him have at least a small connection to God (The Universe). But wait. I heard or read somewhere that God made man in his own image and likeness. Now that would make us related to God. Wow. I just thought of something else. God breathed his own breath into man to bring him to life. That would make us all children of God.

But can The Universe do all that? The Universe is just a thing. It is not a man. Can The Universe think? Well a man can think. Do you think that a man can be greater than The Universe in any way? The Universe is what provides to man anything that he can ask for. Maybe man can think for the Universe. Your mind is the most mysterious part of your human body.

Is it possible that man can control the Universe? Well for those that believe in God can say that all things are possible with the power of God. If a man could control God or the Universe that would make him an Important part of God. A very important part indeed.

To commune with God is to commune with yourself.

– atman –



A Comment and Reply

First off I want to say great blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing. I’ve had a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out there. I truly do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or hints? Thanks!

” Give Me Two Hours To Cut Down a Tree… And I will Spend The First Hour Sharpening My Axe… – Abraham Lincoln –
Before I write I spend some time clearing my mind. I try to forget all my worries and fears. I do this by breathing in a certain manner.
I am planning to do a video on breathing soon. Its quite magical actually – atman

How To Become Aware of God's Presence

Where is God? What is God? Who is God? Do I know God? Not just know of him. I am talking about communion with God on a personal level. Is that possible? Is it not true that all things are possible with the power of God or could God be just a story made up by man?

Many men can not see the forest because the trees are in their way. They do not realize that it is the trees that are the forest. It is kinda like Gods presence. He is all around you. God is even inside of you also. And he is right in front of you. Yet many men can not see him. He is very rich inside of you. There is a great concentration of God inside of man. Wow! Maybe you do have a very great gift. If someone could give you a gift of God to have and keep for your very own it would be a great gift indeed.

Is it possible for God to be alive inside of man? Well God is everywhere else. So he is probably inside of man also. But wait. Man is in complete control of himself. Yes he is easily swayed by all outside forces. But it is you who makes the decisions that directly affects your life. So could that mean that you are in control of the part of God that is inside of you? Maybe it is God that which is the unknown part of man. Is it even possible for a man to have control of the power of God that is inside of him? Perhaps it is becoming obvious now. That’s right. Jesus was a man. And Jesus knew the power of God. So I think that answers the previous question. It is possible that God could exist inside of a man. So lets move on because it is getting scary now or just crazy. Fantastically crazy.

To know God you must first become aware of yourself. It is a journey that you will have to make all by yourself. Many men live with the external pleasures of the world around them. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with the physical pleasures of life. But they are living outside of themselves. You must experience living from the skin to within. You must know yourself not only physically but also spiritually. Are they separate? Now I think that is a good question. Can they exist together? Now that is another subject matter. So let us try to get back on track again.

Some people may say that there is nothing inside me of any interest. All they see is blackness at first. So they go back to seek the outside pleasures of life. Next time they have a will to go back inside they may see a little color. Now lets imagine you enjoyed it a little. Now it would be more likely that you would go back and try it again. And the next time you may see even more colors. I think that you would enjoy that even more.It will make you feel good. Until eventually you were experiencing great pleasures from these journeys. Eventually you will be able to experience bliss.

It is you who are experiencing this pleasure. You are just getting it from a different source. It is also you who were experiencing pleasures from the physical world. It is your mind that belongs to you. Actually It is your mind that is you. It is what makes you, you and me, me. You draw your experiences from two different sources. The first is your body which is part of the physical realm and the second is your soul or spirit that is part of the spiritual realm. It is your mind ( you ) that draws experience and knowledge from both of these sources.

It is very easy to get drawn completely into the physical realm. It actually starts from birth. You experience the physical world. You become totally absorbed by it. You ( your mind ) does not get a chance to experience you inner planes. I wish to give you hope for life after death. All you have to do for now is to desire to make the journey inside of yourself. Then attempt the journey. This journey is free. It is pleasure joy and serenity beyond anything that you can attain physically. You must experience it to believe it exists. You must follow your soul also to know there is a place for you to go when your physical life comes to an end. If your life ends and you know of nothing else but your physical needs and desires You will have nowhere to go. You will be lost forever. Very boring. Dare to know yourself and live forever.
– atman

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