God and Sex

Man often thinks of sex in a much different light than he does about God. It is as if you have a dual personality, one blind to the other. Do you take God into the bridal chamber (honeymoon suite)? And also; Do you take your sexual appetite to God’s house (church)? It kinda like seems that God and sex can not even exist in the same thought frame. Although they should. Because God is with man everywhere he goes. And God is with man with everything he does. Even when no one else could possibly see him.

Animals have sex instinctively. Animals are a part of nature. Gods nature.Do animals enjoy the pleasures of sexual intercourse? Well if you watch them you will definitely know the answer is yes. There is a physical pleasure to the experience to sex and procreation. But wait. Do animals know someone is watching them? Yes. And do the animals care? No. But what about man? Well it seems that man is the only creature that is aware of his nakedness.

Now I just opened a can of worms. There could be hundreds of answers by thousands of people on the subject of mans sexual awareness. But that is not the point. Why does a man go into a closed room to enjoy his sexual pleasures? Is he doing something wrong? Is he committing a sin? That could be. But all men are doing it. All men know of sex. It has been going on forever. It is even a natural act. So who is he hiding what from?

If you examine certain societies where man is not taught about his nakedness you will see young children growing up and accepting their nakedness. Could it all be a lie? About sex and sin. Could man be creating his own sin? Or could it even be possible that man is being led to believe this? Being led astray to believe sex is a sin? Now who could possibly be leading man astray? You have to admit that would be a goody. Telling man that he should not do something that you knew that it would most certainly happen.

Suppressed sex comes out in perversion. Some religious people who are sworn to live lives without sex are examples. I know of a religious preacher who had attended and participated in a wild and perverse sexual orgy. Several days afterwards he gave a beautiful and sincere sermon that touched the lives of many people in a positive way. It was as if it was two different people.

Was he a good person doing bad? Or could he have been a bad person doing good? Now that is something to think about. Would he be able to go to heaven leading a dual life? Is he even living a dual life? Definitely not to God. Maybe in his own mind he feels he is doing Gods work and every so often he leaves God to seek pleasure by participating in a sinful act? But is this really wrong?

Actually he is acting naturally. A little perverted perhaps. Although he is acting like a fairly normal man. It is society and his own mind creating the sin. Could this really be possible? Sex not a sin? Trust me when I say God looks upon man much differently than man thinks that God looks upon him.

Man must face God and sex together. Nothing can be separated from God. Accept yourself in Gods light. You can only separate your life from yourself. You can not live a separate life from God. God loves you. Sex was created by God. Sex is a part of God. Sex is a part of man. It is the Devil who makes you believe that sex and evil was created by himself the Devil. Not so. All things in this Universe was created by God. All things are a part of God. The Devil is playing his little game on man. Believe me when I say he Devil has brought his best game to misguide man. The Devil has man believing that an educated man can not be fooled. Trust me again when I say man is easily fooled by the master of trickery.

Jesus said ” You will know you are near the gates of heaven when you can disrobe and jump up and down on your clothes like young children… ”  –  atman


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  2. Hey, I’ve been visiting your website on and off for months now and I always find a gem in your articles. Thanks for the share. Thank You For This Post, put it in my bookmarks. Thanks again for sharing this up. I definitely liked every bit of it.

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