Is God a Fairy Tale

Is God tangible? Can you touch him? Can you show God to me? Well not directly. God is all that is. God is that which no greater can exist. Let me explain my take on it. Our Universe is all that is. God is the Universe. Thats right I said God is The Universe. He Is the light that is expanding into the darkness. The Universe like God is beyond our thought process. The size and power of either one is beyond us. So if God is The Universe You could say that God is tangible. You can touch him. That would make God very real.

Before The Universe there was God smothered by blackness. There was nothing besides this black heavy dense stuff called anti-matter. When the time was just right God Showed his light. Tremendous power, light and strength came to be. Gods light and power began to spread at astounding speed into this dark matter. The light is destroying the darkness. Still today God is expanding at one billion miles per hour in all directions. Some experts even say that The Universe is constantly increasing its speed as it is taking over this anti-matter.

With today’s technology man is able to see the entire Universe. All the galaxies become just a blur in the entire scope of The Universes enormous size. Actually to man just our own Milky Way galaxy becomes close to infinity in his present state of time. Now just to help you kinda realize the size of the Universes I would like to mention that there are over ten billion galaxies in The Universe. Also I would like to mention that there is more spaces between these large galaxies than there is of the entire volume of all the galaxies. Wow! That is big. And growing fast.

The Universe is very powerful indeed. But how are you related to The Universe? Logically speaking you can say everything is a part of the Universe. So that makes man a definite part of The Universe. Your size is tiny compared to God. Our entire Milky Way Galaxy becomes tiny when it is viewed as part of The Universe. How big does that make the solar system? How big does that make Earth? How big does that make you? Tiny indeed. Even if there is alien life forms out there somewhere with strange powers you can believe they are also a part of The Universe. And probably a small part.

God is not a fairy tale nor a ghost. Its kinda like your own mind. You can not see it or touch it but you know it is there. Your mind controls your body and your soul. And you control your mind. Actually you are your mind. Its getting scary now. Everyone controlling there own minds. Any way they want. Now that sounds like man would be an easy victim to control. Ask yourself if it is even remotely possible that man is being fooled. If you can say that this is not even possible then you may be a victim.

Trust in God. You are a part of God. You belong here. You have a great gift. Find God and find yourself and you will find what you are looking for. And you will know that it is what you have been looking for. And you will know it as the truth.  –  atman

Hey Guys ( When I say Guys I mean Girls also. It is just like when I say cars I mean Cadillacs also ). This is Atman. I would like to thank all of you for your positive feedback. In that light I would like to expand our communications. I made a short video of myself. I would like to do additional videos reading, expanding on, and explaining my articles. Thanks Again… Sincerely – Atman –

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