Live For Now…

” There Was a Rich Man Who Had Much Money…

He Said… I Shall Put My Money to Use so

That I May Sow… Reap… Plant… and Fill

My Storehouse With Produce… With the Result

That My Family and I Shall Lack Nothing… Such

Were His Intentions… But That Same Night

He Died… Let Him Who Has Ears Hear… ”

– Jesus –

Gospel of Thomas ( 2 A.D. )

Hey Guys ( When I say Guys I mean Girls also. It is just like when I say cars I mean Cadillacs also ). This is Atman. I would like to thank all of you for your positive feedback. In that light I would like to expand our communications. I made a short video of myself. I would like to do additional videos reading, expanding on, and explaining my articles. Thanks Again… Sincerely – Atman –

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