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What About Me?

  There can be only one God… That means there can be only one religion… All the prophets and teachers, including Jesus the Christ, spoke of the same one religion. I just can’t  seem to remember anyone  of them ever mentioning a conventional church. You know one with walls, an alter and a priestly caste as part of this religion that they spoke of. 

They all said that man is a part of God. Created by God. His Greatest. His favorite. His most powerful. God said even the angels should bow before man. Man has a communuion with God. Jesus called it The Sacred Heart. Some men call The Holy Spirit. It is a connection with The Almighty God. It is the physical body that houses your soul. 

 Now we come to the best question. What about you… Ahhh… The mind… Thats you. Your mind is what makes you…you… and… me…me… I  am not talking about your magnificent brain. We all know through psycology the human brain is capable of many wonderous things. Unfortunatly your brain dies with you body. Your body belongs to your mother, The Earth.

 OK… Your body belongs to the Earth and your Soul belongs to God. Who does your mind belong to? That’s right. Your mind belongs to you. You have complete, unquestionable control of your own mind. Some call it a stream of consciousness. I like to call it my free will. No one knows whats going on in another persons mind, except through his own honest account that he chooses to share. Your mind is totally unique to you. You control your mind which controls your body and your soul.

 What will happen to you? Where will you Go?

   Atman is co-founder of ‘ Children of God ‘ He is on a Quest to find God and the Truth. He claims that if you are born from woman… you are already a member.




Hey Guys ( When I say Guys I mean Girls also. It is just like when I say cars I mean Cadillacs also ). This is Atman. I would like to thank all of you for your positive feedback. In that light I would like to expand our communications. I made a short video of myself. I would like to do additional videos reading, expanding on, and explaining my articles. Thanks Again… Sincerely – Atman –

Be Thankful

” Let Us Rise Up and Be Thankful…  For If 

We Didn’t Learn a Lot Today…
At Least
We Learned a Little… And If We
Did Not Learn a Little… At Least

 We Did Not Get Sick… And If We

Got Sick… At Least We Did
Not Die… So… Let Us All

                       – Buddah –
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