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The Truth of False Prophets

Beware of false prophets. What is a false prophet? How can he be identified? How can you not be fooled? These are all pretty good questions. What is a prophet? Well lets just say a prophet is a man with a message from God. A prophet is a man sent by God to teach and guide man towards the truth. OK. So what is a false prophet? And why should You be afraid of him? A false prophet is a man who says he is from God. But actually he is a liar. Probably a very good liar. And believe me it is not a good thing when you believe a liar.

First of all you have to believe that you (man) can be fooled. If you believe that you can not be fooled you are doomed to be absorbed by the liar. If you believe that you can be fooled you would be scared. And you should be afraid very afraid. If you are not afraid you become comfortable. When you are comfortable with your beliefs you become open to lies. If you do not question your beliefs how could you be sure of your beliefs are correct. How would you know that they are not wrong?

Ask where your beliefs came from. Usually from an outside source. Maybe your parents. Maybe your church. Maybe its part of your culture. Maybe even the word of God through an outside source. It does not matter where they came from. What matters is that they came from an outside source. Because if your beliefs came from an outside source you can also be swayed to flexible beliefs by additional outside sources and forces. Lets say you which means you personally were born on the other side of the world. Brought up by different parents in a different culture and under a different religion. Would your beliefs be exactly the same as they are now? Of course not. So many people are saying so many different things about God and religion that is very easy to get confused. Well there is only one God and only one way to find him. The path is narrow. It is not necessarily difficult. Although it is indeed narrow.

How can you know which one is the truth? It was not until Socrates (four hundred years before Christ) that man even realized that the truth existed. What? How can that be? Well prior to Socrates man believed things were determined by the words you used and how you arranged them. Kinda like a good lawyer. He would be able to argue both sides of a case and be able to convince people either way. Allow me to site a quote. Thank you. ” It is not the best lawyer who wins the case. It is the lawyer that prepares his case the best that convinces the judge and the jury that wins.” So many people are saying so many different things about God and religion that is very easy to get confused. Actually man is easily swayed.

Now knowing this I hope you realize that it is (even remotely) possible that you can be fooled. This would be a major victory for the truth. And it would be a great loss for the liar. How do I identifying a false prophet? Now that is a difficult question to answer. I do not understand that one well enough to explain it clearly to you at this time. But I will tell you that when you find the truth directly from God no one will be able to mislead you with words. You will know the truth and be able to isolate the lies…  –  atman


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