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The Secret of God's Existence In Your Real Life

Does God exist? That’s the first question you must ask yourself. Could God be a fairy tale? OK. So what do you believe God to be? Well fairy tales do exist. So if you believe God to be a fairy tale then he does exist. And God is one of the biggest and most famous fairy tales ever. I know this does not make him real. Although it does bring him into existence in our own minds. We all have our own beliefs about God. Although we do know of him and we do speak about him.

This means that he does exist. Even if it is as a great story or as a famous novel exists. But who or what is God? And how can I commune with God? First of all allow me to explain what god is. God is all that is. God is the greatest thing in existence. Well I come up with thing. The Universe. Whatever exists in the Universe can not be bigger than the Universe that contains it. Is that limiting Gods greatness? I do not think so. The Universe is greater than anything that I know of. Actually The Universe is beyond my imagination. Probably beyond most mens imaginations. There are things that have never occurred to the human mind out there.

I know that its size is greater than anything else in existence. So if I put God as the Universe he becomes very real to everyone who believes in their own existence as real. But how can God be the Universe? Well that is what I said. Although the more I think about it the more sence it makes. Also God becomes bigger and bigger to me as I learn about the grandeur of the Universe. Larger and more powerful than I originally thought God to be.

This explains a lot of things about the conflict between science and religion. Instead of one being right and one being wrong there could possibly be a merger. Or maybe a different way of looking at this matter. Are there any secrets or mysteries that The Universe holds? You can be sure there are. That makes The Universe beyond our imagination. At this point man is still beyond his own imagination. Many mysteries are still present in man and our Universe.

So where is the connection between God and Man? Well I do know that man is a part of the Universe. So that would make him have at least a small connection to God (The Universe). But wait. I heard or read somewhere that God made man in his own image and likeness. Now that would make us related to God. Wow. I just thought of something else. God breathed his own breath into man to bring him to life. That would make us all children of God.

But can The Universe do all that? The Universe is just a thing. It is not a man. Can The Universe think? Well a man can think. Do you think that a man can be greater than The Universe in any way? The Universe is what provides to man anything that he can ask for. Maybe man can think for the Universe. Your mind is the most mysterious part of your human body.

Is it possible that man can control the Universe? Well for those that believe in God can say that all things are possible with the power of God. If a man could control God or the Universe that would make him an Important part of God. A very important part indeed.

To commune with God is to commune with yourself.

– atman –



Gods Reality

Ok. Let us cut straight to the chase. Does God exist in reality? And does any reality exist with God? I know that first we would have to identify God and we would have to identify as well as question reality itself. Although. I am going to skip all that stuff for now. I am sure you all have your own thoughts on God. If not then I am pretty sure you have at least heard of the concept of God. And I am also quite sure you know about reality. It is where you are right now.

Is there a part of God inside of Man? Now that is definitely a good question. I believe there is a part of God in all Men. So if you can accept that premise it would mean that God is indeed a part of this physical plane of both time and space. Lets just say reality so that we can all relate to where we all are now. And God is definitely here. Whatever you conceive God to be.

I am thinking about what would happen if we combined the two. You know God and reality. Well that would be kinda crazy. Because we are already here in reality. And that would mean that God would have to come to reality. Is that even possible? God existing in a very tangible way. Man would be able to experience God in a very real way. Or maybe God is already here. Could it be possible that God has been here all along? Maybe we just do not realize what God is? Could God be the air that we breath? Or could God be the friends we meet?

Some people say that Jesus is God. Well Jesus was a man. I believe that God was with Jesus. Could it be possible that God is with all men? Ok. So now you may know what I am getting at. Is it possible that all mankind is God? Now that is not possible? Or is it? Lets go back to these words. All things are possible with the power of God. Could that be even remotely possible?

What is a man capable of? Does anyone know the limits of Mankind? Through psychology man is studying the human brain. Which still has him baffled in many areas. Man has not yet even began to discover what is in a mans mind. Imagine if it is God. Could Man be Gods physical presence on Earth?

I believe a man is limited only to his imagination.Trust and believe in yourself and God. God is here. do not think that God is hard to see. Do not let the trees block your view of the forest. Just relax and you will see what is right in front of you. Do not allow anyone to tell you what you see. You must see for yourself.

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