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God and The Universal Mind

I would like to discuss the mind. Man is made of three components. A body a soul and a mind. It is this last component that intrigues me. You know about the body. It belongs to the Earth. You also know about your soul. It belongs to God. But what about your mind? Who does that belong to? And what happens to your mind after the body is gone and your soul goes to God?

First let us attempt to define what exactly is your mind. We also would like to know what relation your mind has with your body and soul. We also must question our minds relation to eternal bliss. OK lets cut the chase. Your mind is you. It is your free will. No one controls your mind but you. Actually your mind is you. It is a stream of consciousness that belongs to you and you alone. You have feelings that no one else can feel. No one else can know your thought process except through your honest account of whats going on inside yourself.

When you are born your mind experiences the body. The physical realm. Your mind actually becomes absorbed by the body. Your mind then guides your body through life. Many people believe that your mind belongs to your physical being. Actually it is just the opposite. It is your body that which belongs to you. Also your soul is controlled by you (which is your mind).

Your mind (which is you) controls both the body and the soul. But wait. How can you control your soul if you do not know of it? That is right. You have to experience your soul and your souls playground which is God or eternal bliss. Easier said than done. But where do you find God? That is right. You experience God through your soul which is a part of you. You have to leave your comfort zone and seek God. This is something that you have to decide to do. Know yourself completely. This has been the advice of many great men.

OK I have some good news and I also have some bad news for you. Your mind will live on for eternity.This is a part of the good news as well a part of the bad news. If you do not find God your mind will die with your body. I know I just said your mind will live on for eternity. Your body will return to the Earth and your soul will go to God. You will be alone forever. No joy no sadness. No experiences. You will wish that your mind died with your body. It is kind of like complete boredom forever. At this point you would be willing to live life in tremendous pain. Just to have an experience. you would be better off dead. Find God and live on for eternity with your soul who will be with God. You will experience eternal bliss….  -atman