The Hidden Secret of The Universe And The Truth of God

Can God exist in our real life? Is our real life a part of God’s world? Who  is God? Who are we for that matter? What is life? Sorry. Lets forget all that (  for now ) and talk about reality. You know your real life. Your job and your  family and definitely you. How do you react with other people? How does your  profits and your losses affect your outlook on life? Do You feel good? Are You  Happy? What are Your goals in life? How do you find pleasure? How do you avoid  pain? OK. So that is little bits and pieces of what reality is. Perhaps to  some.

OK. Now we can talk about God. Does God exist in reality or is he just  someone or something that exists in a non physical plane or realm? If you can  say yes he exists in a non physical plane where you can not see him or touch him  then you are saying that God exists in your mind or heart. I kinda like mind  better. So where is God in your daily life? Do you think That you may need a  special time or place to visit with God? Well they say that God is with you all  the time. I believe that. So if God is with you all the time you should not need  a special time or place to be able to experience God whenever you have a mind  to.

OK. So this is what I am getting at. Can God be with you all the time and can  you commune with God at any time? The answer is yes. Jesus said that God is all  around you and he is also inside of man and yet man does not see God. I can  understand God being inside of you. He Can Exist in your mind. But that does not  bring him into a physical existence. Even though you can say that your mind is a  part of the human body which is physical it still kinda leaves some doubt.

OK. Now we will get to the part where Jesus says that God is all around you.  Does that mean that the air is God or that the earth is God? No. Although the  air and the earth is a part of God because God is all that is. Every thing in  existence is a part of the Universe. Also every thing in existence is a part of  God. It is beginning to look like God Has a lot in common with the Universe. But  can the Universe be all knowing?

According to the big bang theory the entire Universe came from a single  entity. Actually a tiny one that exploded to create the Universe ( the Universe  is still expanding rapidly in all directions ). This would make us all related  to God. Actually every thing in the Universe is from the same origin. This opens  the possibility that the Universe could be all knowing. Is the Universe all  powerful? I really do not think that question needs to be answered.

Now back to reality. Where is God in your everyday life? Now you should know  that he is everywhere. Everywhere you go he is with you. How do you commune with  God? We will not get into that right now. I believe that I may have drug you out  to deep waters. I do not wish to drown anyone. Just relax and enjoy life knowing  that you are a special part of The Universe.  –  atman

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