To Be One With God

To be one with God means to be one with yourself and one with the Universe. What Does that mean? Well actually that means heaven is a state of being. A state of being can be accomplished in mans physical being. Its kinda close to saying that heaven can occur on Earth. Does that mean that if man finds God He will never experience death? Now that would definitely be a good sell. Avoid death. I think that almost everyone would be interested in that.

To lose the fear of death would be a heavy burden taken off mans back. But wait. The fear of death is not the same as death itself. Is it? Fear is an imaginary condition created by mans own mind. Fear is optional. Fear should only be brought about spontaneously or by instinct. All other Fear is mans biggest enemy. You can be distracted greatly by an event that may never happen. In that case fear would be senseless and useless. Allow me to site a quote. ” If you fear what you may suffer you already suffer from your fear. ”

So What would life be like without fear. You could actually enjoy the meal that you are eating without worrying about where your next meal is coming from. You will be able to enjoy your residence without worrying about having enough money to pay next months rent. You would be able to not fear your neighbor. And him you. It would be great!

Now you have to ask the question. What is man afraid of? And why? Fear is often born of confusion. Fear is often born of isolation which is a lack of communication. Greed is also born of fear. Life comes without instructions. Although when you come to know yourself and God you will realize your higher existence. You will see the smallness of this life. You will not fear death for you will know of God. You will realize that dying from this physical plane would be like shedding off a dead layer of skin. And actually the fear of death is one of mans biggest fears.

Death is one thing that is definite. All men know this. And only by the experience of communion with God can he escape this fear of death. Once you know the truth no one will be able to sway you differently because you will know what you know through your own experience with God. So to be one with the Universe is to experience a life without death….

– atman

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