What Will Happen When I Die

“Will God really take care of me when I die Dad?” This was a question that I asked my dad. Without hesitation he replied yes. “Of course God will take care of you son. You will go to heaven.” Then he became a little more hesitant when I asked him my next pair of questions. “What is Heaven and dad, who is God?” “Well,” he said. “God is beyond our understanding son.” And then he said Heaven is a place where you will find peace and happiness. Ok, I said that I was satisfied.

Well I was not satisfied. I was taught plenty on how to live in the real world. How to survive. How to make money. How to take care of my family and myself. And in religion I was taught not to question my faith. Just believe and go to church and pray for myself and my loved ones. Everything was fine until I realized that there were many different religions with many different beliefs. Everything became very loose then. At that point I had no sound base to build my religious beliefs upon.

I knew that all men were created equal in God’s eye. I knew there was only one God. I also realized that most religions did not Have God woven into reality. It was as if there were two separate worlds. One can be called reality. And one can be called religion or God. In religion you went into a mysterious world where reality did not exist. And in the real world there was no room for fantasy.

This all meant that I would live out my physical life and then I would begin my spiritual life. my only contact with my spirit and God would have to come from faith. It was like water and oil. God and reality. The two components would not mix. I wanted to go to heaven and meet God. At the same time I did not want my physical life to end.

I began to look for God in the physical plane. Did he exist there? Could I find him? Does God exist as a physical entity in the real world? I was told that God exists everywhere. So that meant I should be able to commune with God in my lifetime. But what does that mean? What is the reason for life? Would it be possible to go to Heaven while I am still alive? Would it be possible to live forever without physically dying?

I had a lot of questions that I wanted answered. Is this even possible? Does God even exist in reality? Who is he? What is he? Can I see him? Can I touch him? Can I experience God? Is it possible to know the truth? these are just a few of the many questions that would come to face me.

I am constantly finding answers only to have new questions appear. Can anyone tell me the meaning of life and the truth of God? I will find the answers to these questions. I believe all men should find God before they die. Death could happen at any time. Trust me when I tell you to seek God more than anything else in this life. Because to die without God living in your very own real world will be truly death to you.

With the power of God all things are possible… – atman


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